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More on Configuring the Mac OS for Oracle 10g Client

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I’ve been revising and correcting typos plus adding new content to that Configuring Mac OS for the Oracle 10g Client blog page. It’s more complete now. It also shows you how to connect from one virtual machine to another by using host file resolution.

Also, I’ve decided that the network configuration steps for VMWare NAT belong in a separate blog page. I’ll try to get that out after Oracle OpenWorld 2008. For those you can’t wait, you’ll find the networking files here:

Mac OS X:
/Library/Application Support/VMWare Fusion/vmnet8



You’ll find three files. The dhcpd.conf file configures DHCP. The nat.conf file configures incoming ports to your virtual machines, which is known as port forwarding. The mac.conf file stores the physical layer MAC address for your machine.


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