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It is nice to know that the entries I’ve made have readers. It’s surprising to see almost 22,000 direct hits and another 5,000 syndicated hits in the 6 months of blogg’n. The following table contains the list and links of the top blogs that have netted 5 or more hits per day.

Blog Entry Posted Hits Avg
How to configure Mac OS X as an Oracle Client 9/2/2008 1,402 36
How to convert XML to CSV and upload into Oracle 6/22/2008 1,019 9
Creating an external table that uses SQL*Loader 6/19/2008 945 8
Creating an external table that uses Oracle Data Pump 6/19/2008 899 8
Pipelined functions and PL/SQL Tables 5/11/2008 859 5
Reading an external directory from SQL or PL/SQL 6/05/2008 667 5

I plan to move this to my own site shortly and will provide notice and pay WordPress to forward. Naturally, any comments are welcome.


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October 17, 2008 at 11:05 pm

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